First and foremost, Yes. You can still lose weight and drink alcohol. You may find yourself doing everything right; yet you are at a stand still. You’ve reached the 80% your body will allow with drinking. Read with caution. Prepared to be angry that no-one tell us this. That we have to dig hard for this information. But the truth is power.

No one talks about this. So here I go. We see SO many posts and articles (by people we respect) about what THE “healthiest alcohol” is but they all are actually just LISTING low calorie alcohol. Just because it’s low calorie doesn’t mean it’s HEALTHY. You’ve probably also heard the only reason you gain weight when you drink is because “you eat after”. This isn’t totally true either. There’s more to it and everyone is either afraid to say it because it’s not what people want to hear, they are afraid to lose “followers” or they are uneducated on the subject. First, anyone that tells you there’s a healthy alcohol is lying. Period. There is no such thing. If you are doing everything right and aren’t seeing progress and drink… here could be why: Let’s just break down the TRUTH of alcohol and weight loss/gaining muscle etc. Read it and do what you want with it. Let’s at least HAVE the information. Alcohol actually is detrimental to building muscle. (I know, it sucks) Not only does alcohol have zero nutrients, but it has a negative affect on your calorie intake. Empty calories. We know this. Here’s the thing; alcohol has been proven to slow down your metabolism. Solid proof that it slows it down. Which in turn… messes with the Kreb cycle. What happens when the Kreb cycle is not functioning right? Fats cannot be broken down. Basically; our body has to work REALLY hard to metabolize alcohol, that fat burning STOPS altogether. And our body will stop using carbs for energy. (I Know!!!) Alcohol also lowers protein synthesis by 20%. TWENTY!! What does that mean? It isn’t just that it dehydrates you, it’s dehydrating your muscle cells. Our cells NEED to hold water. If your cells aren’t holding water it is MUCH harder to build muscle. And there’s more… alcohol actually BLOCKS the absorption of important nutrients that are KEY to the contraction, growth and relaxation of muscles (calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, etc,) Also if you didn’t already know, alcohol lowers testosterone levels. And studies have shown that alcohol also reduced Insulin levels by over 40%. (Yep) And it also slows down your recovery. This is what happens to our bodies when we drink. It’s not just calories. It’s much more.