1 month

I am proud of these photos lol First off, I love Janelle! So grateful for meeting you on Instagram and kicking my ass into gear. I have been a part of accountability groups before but NEVER like this. True fit family. You ladies have encouraged and inspired me on levels I cant even explain. My health and fitness has a whole new meaning now. I use to think of working out as a chore and now I actually look forward to it and enjoy it. That little baby muscle in my arm you see has NEVER existed. My arms are the weakest part of my body and I couldn’t even flex before, and that thing is small but I love that little baby muscle So thank you to all you badass ladies who were with me on this journey and thank you Janelle for stumbling into my instagram life and getting my attention with your playful, badass, and inspiring personality!

Over the last few months since starting a new job I have been hard core struggling. I love this group, I love the workouts, I love the support and I love the accountability it gives me which is why I come back month after month and I’ve been with you for a year! BUT with the new job came a new schedule different from what I’m used to and trying to figure out how to adjust my workout schedule and routine to my new work schedule has been challenging. Throw into the mix life hasn’t been so kind to me having my aunt in the ICU at the hospital I just started at, having my car get totaled and now being on the hunt for a new vehicle I’ve put my workouts to the back burner and it’s gotten to me mentally. I beat myself up about it every night. I look in the mirror and tell myself maybe I’d look different if I put more time into it. BUT this morning after seeing your IG story about being more kind more positive with yourself I decided to take some pictures and hop on the scale after 2 months. I’m down 10 lbs and I actually think I see some improvement in the pictures. Some weeks I only get 2-3 workouts in, some weeks I’ve gotten 4-5 workouts in but I think these photos show that sometimes that’s all you need. I don’t need to live at the gym and let it consume me. I need to be consistent and I need to continue pushing forward. One of the only reasons I have continued picking up the pieces and pushing through is because of this group. I don’t always want to get up and move, I want to wallow in self pity, but, I jump on the board watch a few post workout videos and it gives me the push I need. I may be one of the more silent ones on the board but I’m here, I’m watching, and I’m growing so much even from just being a lurker. Thank you Janelle for all you do, all the love and dedication you truly put into this beautiful community of strong badass women!!

I’m so so happy with this. Thank you for everything.

My fitness journey was rocky at best. The self loathing, quest for perfection (which leads nowhere) and fear of failing were preventing me from any progress. And then, I found this group and this trainer Janelle with the ‘No BS, this is real life. It has to work for you’ mindset. It changed everything.

Progress is everywhere, in all aspects of my life. I’m grateful, committed and ready for everything.

(3 weeks)

Not a bit of weight dropped off of me but something good is happening! If I had eaten better during the month the changes probably would have been better. I’m so glad to have been a part of this group. Y’all are awesome!

I started my journey with Janelle back in April. I struggled to be motivated to exercise. At first it was about losing weight for my wedding and it became so much more. It’s exceeded my expectations! The group of women she attracts are incredibly supportive, motivated, inspiring and committed to be the best version of themselves. The exercises she provides are fun and never boring. She provides modifications for beginner, advanced and intermediate. I am grateful to have found her! She’s amazing!

I’m a 45 year old, mom of 6, with many health issues, scoliosis, hip dysplasia and a leg length discrepancy. With that comes a lot of pain daily and more medication than one should be allowed to take. Grand babies were being born and I was having a hard time dealing with not being able to live and keep up. I came across Janelle’s Instagram page and watched and listened and became motivated. I knew things had to change and life had to get better for me. My goal was to lose a few pounds, get around more, hope for less pain and maybe get rid of some medications. I decided to join her group.

It wasn’t easy for me, but her motivation, love and care she puts into her group, kept me going. The workouts are fantastic, her instruction videos are simple to follow-she shows modifications, so whether your a beginner or advanced, your covered, and the support and encouragement is amazing. She is very involved and always there to help.

When I first started on this journey I went up and down 168-157 lbs. I’m now at 137 lbs, I’m up and moving daily, I’ve been pain free for nearly 3 months, only on one medication, I’m happy, and loving life.

This journey not only help me physically but emotionally in finding my peace, happiness and strength, but It’s done wonders for my soul and I have you Janelle to thank for that.
You’re an angel and I’m grateful for all the work you put in to helping others.

If anyone’s interested in the journey I highly recommend joining. You won’t be disappointed.

XOXOX- Denise Ruiz

I hired Janelle to help me with my fitness goals to coincide with my weight loss journey. What I didn’t expect was that I was going to receive a whole lot more than a workout routine. Janelle has taught me not only amazing weight exercises, but she emphasizes self-love, self acceptance and truly cares about my mental well being as well as my physical health. The workouts are quick, challenging, never boring and have not been repeated in the 2+months she has been my trainer. When I was injured, she quickly changed the routine so I didn’t feel like I ‘blew it’ and went back to self sabotaging behaviors. The name of the business perfectly describes my experience because I have truly been Uplifted.

I participate in Janelle’s monthly challenge groups online. I had been doing calorie tracking and strictly cardio when I discovered Janelle online. She has curated a very approachable and relatable online presence, and I decided I would join one of her HIIT/weights challenge groups earlier this year. I had tried free online HIIT workouts on my own previously, but Janelle includes tutorials and modifications that I hadn’t encountered before. It was clear from the beginning that her approachable online identity is simply who she is as a person. I expressed confusion with a certain exercise technique and she made sure I contacted her with a video of my form and she evaluated and corrected my problem. Every month, even among dozens of other women, I feel like I’m getting a one-on-one experience. I have increased my weightlifting capacity steadily with her leadership and encouragement, and I am always excited to see what another month of programming will look like. Janelle creates new content every month, is readily available for questions, and often asks for critical feedback about her work. If you are looking to make some changes in your life, Janelle is the trainer I recommend without a doubt.

Love how this opened my perception of HIIT and I can confidently do these on my own now…before, I always thought of HIIT (for me) would be sprints or extreme tension on bikes…so glad I could come away having fresh ideas!I gave up on macro counting and started eating intuitively – lost about 7lbs.

I loved the moves you chose, and the tutorials were great. Would likely do another challenge. I struggled with my intake (I own it and have no excuse) . So didn’t get the results I was hoping for, this time! Will keep at it for sure! I admire your tenacity and commitment to fitness and good nutrition! Thank you Janelle!!