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What is “The 30%”? The 30% is actually, YOU! The 30% are the people who do not give up. Instead of giving up, they understand that they may stumble here or there, and that their fitness journey will not always be perfect. But, The 30% know that above all, their struggles are OKAY and that their struggles help them grow. Together, we are The 30%. And together, we are about creating change, balance, and most importantly, consistency.

Did you know that 70% of people that start a new fitness journey quit? Not you, not us, not this time.

What is included in “The 30%”?

The 30% is an exercise, nutrition, and accountability group. Real women, living real lives, and balancing fitness logically. It is a group of women who will not only support you, but empower you.

When you join The 30%, you will receive 4-5 workouts a week with video tutorials for every workout. Two workouts a week will be cardio driven, lasting 21-27 minutes and can be the only workouts you do all month. 2-3 workouts a week are weight workouts.  Workouts are different every month.

You will have Janelle’s support and you will have the support of the group.

The 30% is about making this lifestyle work for you, not against you. Do not forget to ask a friend to join with you!


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What You Should Know:
The day before we begin, you will be invited to a Facebook accountability group to meet others who are also in the challenge. A group for ALL fitness levels, from women trying to lose weight to women putting on serious muscle. New friends on the same journey keeps us going! I’ll be posting video tutorials with modifications for all fitness levels that you can follow. These 4 workouts per week are designed to lose fat and build muscle. You’ll have MY support and the support of the group. These next 30 days are going to be fun, supportive, creative and challenging! Please ask ANY questions you may have, I’m here with you and for you!

What I Should Know:
Are you signing up for the accountability group AND the calorie/macro run? Or just the group? If you are signing up for the calorie/macro run, I will need you to send back the details below. One thing you need to do. Take a photo. Front, side, back. These are for you to keep or share with me if you are comfortable. If you aren’t, do it for YOU!

What I Need:
For those interested in Calorie/Macro Run Only:

  1. Height
  2. Weight
  3. Age
  4. Your Daily Activity (like your job, are you active, lightly active, very active)
  5. How many days a week are you currently working out/if any and for how long per day
  6. If you are currently working out, is it hard to breath while working? Can you talk?
  7. Main goal (fat loss, weight loss, muscle, etc.)

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