Online Training – Weekly Commitment

From: $60.00 / week

In each session I understand and share your desire to achieve balance and an approach to healthy living that is sustainable for the long term, and can be adapted as you progress. Using a combination of daily texts, video tutorials, and various social media platforms such as Facetime, Snapchat etc.


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What’s Included:

  • Adjustment to your current nutrition, using the foundation of flexible dieting, to adjust your macros and tweak your eating habits/choices to help you reach your goal of fat loss (primary goal) and build muscle (secondary goal). I would have an initial assessment form for you to complete, which will rank order your goals (I know we have many) so that I can properly support you with nutrition and exercise coaching.
  • Weekly accountability, which will include 30 minute weekly check-in emails and calls to discuss your week, answer questions, send progress pictures and review the week ahead. In addition to weekly calls, we can email and text to address any questions that may come up or modify exercises that cause discomfort or where you are concerned about form. We can also use snapchat and FaceTime to connect if there are questions about form on an exercise. Note: I guarantee to respond to all emails and texts within 24 hours or less
  • Weekly exercise program – each week I would prepare and send you 3-5 complete workouts, which will use the equipment you have available (resistance bands, dumbbells, exercise ball and bodyweight) or if you are a gym member. The workouts will range between 30-60 minutes, depending upon your available time on any given day. You can swap out and choose the WOD that makes sense for the time you have available, and if you decide to workout a 6th day I would encourage you to walk outside whenever possible, as it is still valuable to incorporate LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) cardio with the HIIT style training approach I will suggest.

Time Commitment and Pricing:
I would request you commit to a minimum of 6 weeks, to see how we do together and give us enough time to track progress. First month: $260 to account for us getting to know each other, making tweaks and adjustments to workouts and nutrition that best support your goals and current abilities. After that, $60/week.

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